Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Candies!!

Here is a cute Holiday decoration that I finished yesterday! I got the idea off Thrifty Decor Chicks blog! She is my Decor Guru! I have two more boxes in smaller sizes that I want to finish and have as a set!
I will post those pictures when I am done with them. But those are on the bottom of a very long list of other things to do!!
Happy Saturday!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Family Pictures you didn't get to see!!!

Look at how miserable he looks!

This is the "Hurry up and take the Picture before I puke" look.

Now that I posted the cute family picture, I wanted to share the sad story of the day we took pictures! While I was getting all dolled up for our family pictures with Leah Davis I had Ben go and pick up the boys from school. As soon as I saw Benjis face I knew something was wrong (he either got in trouble or had a bad day at school or he was sick). He told me that he felt like throwing up. So we got out the big throw up bowl and a wet wash cloth and continued to get ready. Ben thought we should cancel but we had already rescheduled with Leah 2 previous times. I felt like we HAD to at least try to do it today.

He looked so weak and you could barely hear what he was saying. (I know I am a horrible mother for making him do this!!)
So when we were all ready we loaded up the car (Throw up bowl and wet wash cloth included!) and headed to The Lost Dutchman (kind of a mining/ghost town very awesome!).

As we were walking around,(throw up bowl and wet wash cloth in tow) looking for a good photo OP, Benji was dragging his feet and moaning. Any time we stopped (so Leah could position us) he would lean on a rusty car or lay on a wood bench. We all tried to give him courage but he was so miserable! Leah was pullin out all her tricks to make him smile. We got a few 1/2 smiles in the beginning but he faded fast!

By the time we decided to take pity on Benji (I carried him to the car) and that there was no point to continue, we got in the car and started our way home. When we just got on the road home Benji announced that he was about to vomit and so, he did! I think he threw up twice, rinsed his mouth out with water and handed me his big bowl o' vomit and asked in his normal happy voice "So are we going to Nana and Papa's house now?" He was perfectly fine and ready to play! I could not believe it!! I wanted to flag Leah down and get her to snap a couple of pictures of Benji on the side of the road!!!

Overall we got some amazing new family pictures and Leah was just awesome!!!

Thank you so much Leah!

This look is the "Why are you doing this to me" look.

This is the "I am GQ but I smell something rotten" look.

And to top it all off, the "I'm not going to make it" look!