Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happiness = card making!

When Chelsea needs a card for something she does not go to card isle at Target for one. No, she calls Lani and places an order! It started a few years ago when she needed oh about 50 thank you cards here and then 50 Christmas cards there! It might sound like this is a terrible burden for me to bear, but to be quite honest it is sooo far from terrible!! It brings me such joy to sit down on my bedroom floor ( there is not much floor space due to the piles of paper, scissors, glue, ribbon, other misc. crafting supplies scattered across the floor!) and make cards.

So I was still in the cards makin mood when chelsea picked up the sympathy card and she informed me that now she needed a birthday card for Thursday! I was so all over it!!!! I just love to make cards! I always make two so I can keep one, so I started making a pink one and a green one but things got out of hand and I ended up making 12 cards in 5 different colors! I wanted Chelsea to have choices!!!

Our new puppy for a day!!!!

So last Thursday Sora called and asked if I would go check out a puppy that she found online! It was down the street from me so I drove right over. The puppy is a cockapoo and only 12 weeks old and oh soo cute! I told Sora that the dog was MINE! We agreed that she would get him on Saturday so we could play with a dog that actually acted like a dog! (Sorry Hoku!) The boys went crazy and loved to play with the dog. He still slept a lot (under the couch!) but towards the end of the day he got super active and was jumping all over Benji! He even took a playful snap at Benjis nose! He also was having a hard time with the house rules and poo'ed and piddled where ever he wanted! I did not get much sleep (zero minutes) the night before so my love for the cute little puppy started to diminish. I was too nervous to leave the puppy alone for more than a minute to even take a shower! By 7p.m. I called Sora and told her that puppy wanted to come home!

I am now enjoying Soras new puppy (named Kogi which means MEAT in Korean!) from afar and I am also enjoying listening to Sora yell at the puppy and continue to find little treats left by said puppy! (I know, I'm evil!)

Sympathy card

Chelsea asked me to make her a sympathy card for a friend that lost his partner. She worked with him at the Chilis in Ahwatukee. Here is what I made!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ready... Set..... BLOG!!!!

Ok, I have FINALLY started a blog of my very own!!! I have been wanting to do one but have been too chicken to start! I have been stalking blogs for a while and didn't have the guts to start my own! So be patient with me! I think it will be a great way to document our family fun and keep in touch with friends and family!!