Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our new puppy for a day!!!!

So last Thursday Sora called and asked if I would go check out a puppy that she found online! It was down the street from me so I drove right over. The puppy is a cockapoo and only 12 weeks old and oh soo cute! I told Sora that the dog was MINE! We agreed that she would get him on Saturday so we could play with a dog that actually acted like a dog! (Sorry Hoku!) The boys went crazy and loved to play with the dog. He still slept a lot (under the couch!) but towards the end of the day he got super active and was jumping all over Benji! He even took a playful snap at Benjis nose! He also was having a hard time with the house rules and poo'ed and piddled where ever he wanted! I did not get much sleep (zero minutes) the night before so my love for the cute little puppy started to diminish. I was too nervous to leave the puppy alone for more than a minute to even take a shower! By 7p.m. I called Sora and told her that puppy wanted to come home!

I am now enjoying Soras new puppy (named Kogi which means MEAT in Korean!) from afar and I am also enjoying listening to Sora yell at the puppy and continue to find little treats left by said puppy! (I know, I'm evil!)

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