Sunday, March 22, 2009

An amazing weekend!

Lots of fun was had all (even Ben) all weekend long!

It all started Thursday night after we got home from our visit to the NICU and about 45 minutes after Stacy got into our neighborhood! Stacy (one of my bestest friends for almost 10 years) came from Utah (cedar hills) for a visit. I felt so bad about being late but we were all so glad to see them! My boys have known her boys Aidan 8 and Kelton 6 all their lives and have been counting the days until they would arrive!!

Stacy and her husband were married a few months before we were and we all lived in the same ward. We spent Monday nights together with other couples from the ward and we still talked to a lot of those couples (even though we are all spread out now).

Friday we walked around the mall and let the boys play in the play place there (even though 3 out of 5 of the boys were too tall!). Roger was with us so Stacy and I were able to run off by ourselves a few times!!

That night we just hung out at home and ordered pizza! The boys were having a blast just hanging out playing video games, watching movies, light saber fights, and sleeping in the living room.

Saturday we all went to the Riparian Preserve in Gilbert (a wetlands preserve next to the Library). It was fun to walk around and enjoy the nice weather.

That afternoon after everyone was clean again we BBQed steak hotdogs and chicken for dinner.

After dinner it was time for the girls to get dolled up for a Twilight movie party! We went over to Colleen Mathers house and had some yummy food and we all watched Twilight together. There was about 12 girls there and we all tried to be mature about the movie but there was a lot of drooling and giggling during the movie! Afterwards we talked about what we liked and didn't like and other books we recommended! It was so fun and I am soo glad Stacy was there with me!!

Cherene made these fun cupcakes with bloody bite marks in them!! ARRR!!

I almost tripped when I found my favorite candy and Twilight together!

I absolutely love conversation hearts!! I start buying bags the day after Christmas and not stop until they run out of the discounted bags after Valentines day!! AND now they have twilight ones that say things like "BITE ME" "I heart EC" "DAZZLE" So fun!!

Sunday morning was not soo much fun! The boys were not in very good moods when it was time for everyone to drive back to Utah! I set Benji up with a gmail acct so he could email Aidan whenever wanted.

We had a wonderful visit and soooo much fun with Roger, Stacy, Aidan and Kelton! Now we need to start planning our trip to Utah this summer!

Thank you Stacy for being such an amazing person and a wonderful friend!!

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Jenette said...

WOW! It looks like you had so much fun! Sorry I couldn't go! Hope to hang out with you real soon! HUGS!!