Monday, March 2, 2009

I (heart) Edward!

Last Friday after school as we were going through the backpacks like we always do, Sam was pulling each thing out of his bag one at a time and when he got out the last thing he proudly announced:

"E is for Edward!"

MOM: You did that for me???

SAM: uh HUH!

I immediately took a picture of it with my cell phone and sent it to everyone that I have in my address book (those that do not mind me sending pics! and some that have to pay for each picture text! sorry sora!)

Most of them had to ask what it was but my FAVORITE response was from Ben!

Bens text: I guess we should just split up now since the boys seem fine with it!

I thought it was so cute and sweet that Sam thought of my imaginary boyfriend while at school learning about the letter E!

I am not sure Ben appreciates the fact that Sams picture is hanging on the Fridge but

I think he did a pretty good job!!!! (hubba hubba!!!)

Good job Sam!!!


Angie said...

That SUPER cracks me up!! So cute!

Cherene said...

Oh my heck, girl!!! I just laughed my head off! I'm glad the kids are OK with you and Edward. :) I'm counting down the days til the DVD is released....

Mrs.EBG said...

That's awesome! Kids are too fun! I'm with Cherene- totally can't wait until the DVD is released!
Check out my blog, too!

Jenette said...

LMBO!!! Bens text is hilarious!!
Cute picture!!

Lorie said...

That is funny and so cute!!