Thursday, March 19, 2009

MY bad!!!


I am one of those very strict mothers that do NOT let their children use markers (definitely not Sam) or scissors (unless they use them right infront of me and I put them up) or play with play doh (Blah!), clay, moonsand or anything of that nature. Don't get me wrong I love the fact that they love to draw and create things but most of it is just so dang messy!
Now MEEEEE on the other hand is a totally different story!

I love crafts of any sort. I have 10os of projects that I am working on or waiting to start. I love spending hours upon hours searching the internet for more stuff to make! My master bedroom is more craft room than bedroom. Our laundry room is stuffed to the brim with supplies and projects just waiting to be started or finished, and stuff I got on clearance just waiting for a reason to be in there!!

So DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO is kinda my motto involving art projects.

I can you can't!

I know it's mean but I am selfish and/or I am just trying to prevent an accident. I don't want to find paint, markers, clay etc. all over the tables, floors, walls, carpet or where ever. I just don't want to have Noah playing in something because someone did not put it away. There are millions of reasons I could come up with to justify my mean momminess!!

And over the past 8+ years we have only had a few "incidences" where Sam took a pencil and drew on the wall (little happy faces with his name "ASM") I told him "Honey if you are going to do something you are not supposed to do DON'T sign your name to it!!"

Now that you think I am a bad mom in my way of thinking, let me tell you what actually DID happen.

Yesterday I was making a diaper cake for the little baby of a friend Ben went to school with. He was born 3 months early and weighed 1 lb 15 oz. We wanted to go and meet him and give our support to his parents tonight so I made him a little diaper cake to have at the hospital.

So yesterday I am workin on that and also workin on a card for him. I was doing dishes (still not done) while blog stalking, and playing with the neighbor girls. To say the least I was not being at my most observant or tidy!


While I was otherwise peroccupied Noah pickup up my rolling stamper (inked and ready) and had some fun! He rolled it on the kitchen floor...

If you look really closely you can see a cute little butterfly fluttering around. Luckily it wiped right off with just a wet washcloth.

Below is what it is supposed to look like (when it's stamped on paper like it is supposed to be).

He also rolled on over to my beautiful refridgerator! I tried to get a picture of that but couldn't get a good one. It finally came off with a lot of scrubbing!!

I hope we have all learned a valuble lesson here...

Lani is not allowed to play with crafts without supervision!!!!
SO COME OVER and play, I mean supervise ME!!!!

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